Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Secret Visitor

Look who came to visit us!!
Michelle surprised us, well most of us, with a visit that only lasted 30 hours. But we packed a lot into that 30 hours and loved our time together. The kids were so excited to have Aunt Michelle here, especially after McCall got over the fact that she had NOT brought MaKenzie. Plus she left them M&M's just like her Aunt Kay used to do. She is working hard for the "favorite aunt" title!

We ran around DC and were lucky to have gorgeous weather. We hit all the monuments, two of them were even new to us. The Jefferson and the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorials were finally open so we visited those. I loved them! 
 We also went on a tour of the Capitol, our first time going with a Capitol tour guide instead of a staff member. It was kind of nice, the kids had headphones so they could hear so much better and paid attention pretty well. Every once in awhile they would take their headphones off to tell Aunt Michelle something else that they knew about the Capitol, I think in a few more months they  may be able to give the tour themselves. It helps that they have been on at least 8 tours!
Michelle and the kids are standing at the center of the Capitol, it is rumored that if you rub your foot on the star you will have good luck. So we all took our turns basking in the good luck star. It has been rubbed so much that it is concave!
 Thanks to Caleb and Nicole for bringing Michelle along, it pays to have friends that are pilots. At least I think it would, I imagine it would. I think I may need a new career.

I love the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, it is amazing. So many of his great thoughts and quotes are written there and it is very inspiring to go. I would recommend this to anyone coming into DC.
Thanks for coming to visit us Michelle, we LOVED having you!! Please come again soon and make sure to bring the rest of the family or we will have rioting on our hands!

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