Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Very Own "Night at the Museum"

Every once in awhile the Senate and Congress host a Congressional Family Night.
Sometimes at the zoo, sometimes it's an ice cream social, sometimes ...
It's a family night out at the museum!
This was so much fun, to spend a few hours in the American History Museum after hours.
Great food, fun exhibits, activities, etc.
The kids were enamored with R2D2. They spent most of their time following him around!

So while R2D2 was babysitting, the girls headed upstairs to check out the first lady's dresses.
Pretty cool, glad that my dress isn't sitting next to Nancy Reagan, man she was TINY! 

 I came back to this.
I'm thinking of getting one of my own and I may never have to parent again!
(Ryan was also with them, lest you think I abandoned my children)

 Then we got to meet a bunch of past presidents. They had a little dialogue going on between them and then drifted through the crowd in character. I loved that all the boys knew who each president was and what they were known for during their time in office.
I love that history is coming alive for them.
 Connor has decided that being funny in pictures is much more fun than behaving himself. One day I hope he will look back on this and think, "man I'm a bonehead!"
I'm already thinking that about him.
We got to meet Kermit and see Indiana Jones' hat and whip (outside of the case)! I felt like Toy Story when Stinky Pete gets out of his box! Out of the box! Can you believe it. We were allowed to play with stuff as long as we had some great latex gloves on.

It was a fun night and we really enjoyed ourselves.

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Jessica Hall said...

what a fun thing! btw McCall looks like the is 16 in this pic...such a stylish little gal and the way she holds her purse. WATCH OUT!