Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm in trouble ...

This little girl is such fun.
She is perplexing.
She is genuine.
She is emotionally diverse - a phrase borrowed from a friend!
She is sweet and can be sour.
But when I get the camera out this is what I get.
All smiles, sweetness and innocence.
 How will my mother, who rarely gets to see her, ever believe me when I say she is anything but what these pictures show?
No matter.
The girl is such a joy and a pleasure.
We love her to pieces.

1 comment:

Karli said...

Holy Crap I love this little girl!! And I don't even know here! :( But for some reason she seems like a little female Gage. Just think, they could have been born twins and then you'd have been in REAL trouble. :)