Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Luray Caverns - a Labor Day Excursion

We spent Labor Day in Luray, VA.
A tiny little town that draws thousands of visitors each year because of this:

 These caverns are amazing! They were discovered in 1878 by  five local men and a 13 year old boy.
They were simply stunning and open and HUGE!
We went on a tour that lasted an hour and we were walking underground that entire time.
Kind of made the old Nutty Putty caves looks small and scary - which in hind sight, they were!

 I'm not sure Gage saw much of the caverns.
He has other interest it appears.
 I couldn't pry Gage away from his little friend to join our family picture.

 All the kids posing in front of the biggest formation found in the cave.
 There is a "lake" inside the cavern. It is only a 20 inches at it's deepest. But because of the formations around it, it becomes a perfect mirror and it tricks your senses! Unbelievable! 

Gage still staying with those he feels most loved by and comfortable with, girls!

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