Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter Pictures

Easter is early for us! Well, just the pictures, getting ready for our Easter photoshoots that Emilie and I will be hosting. This bunny is so super friendly and relaxed, apparently "Sunshine" loves children. I was skeptical, but it was true, such a sweet bunny and the boys LOVED her. McCall on the other hand would have nothing to do with it and screamed in terror if the poor thing even moved in it's cage across the room. It was difficult to do pictures with her! But oh well, I could post the screaming ones, I just may!
If anyone is interested in scheduling a mini Easter shoot let me know, super cute pictures for a super good deal!


Jessica said...

I loved the picture of McCall crying the above post...sad but so cute. These pictures are so cute and your boys looked like naturals with the furry thing-i think you should get one :)

Karli said...

Those are great. I really love the one of Gage laying on the ground. Great job!

Dana said...

Your pictures are so cute. You are one talented lady!