Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Argument

We were lucky to have my parents here for a visit this past week for Connor's baptism. It was so much fun, the kids loved having their grand parents all to themselves for 6 days! There was some serious spoiling going on. We ate out way too much - so much that the boys have asked me the last two nights, "where are we going to dinner tonight?"
Grandpa took the boys to Cabella's and Sportsman's Warehouse while grandma and I went with Jill to try on her wedding dress and of course craft stores. What a nice break for me, to only have McCall! Well, McCall fared pretty well with Grandma while the boys made out like bandits with grandpa. He bought them camo shirts - a must have here in the city, pocket knives - just another thing to hide from the kids, candy, soda, etc. They are in heaven and I can't get them to wear anything but camo!
But one particular incident did not go to well for Gage and Grandpa. While Mom and I ran into Deseret Book Gage and Grandpa had an altercation.
I returned to the car to find Gage crying hysterically, sobbing with giant tears streaming down his cute face.
I asked, "what happened to you Gage?"
Grandpa answered, "I hit him." He was very matter of fact!
Gage, "Grandpa hurt me!"
Me, "Why did grandpa hurt you?"
Dad, "He hit me so I hit him back."
Gage, "You hurt me first grandpa."
Dad, "No I didn't, you hit me with your pez and I told you to stop. You didn't so I took it away from you. Then you hit me in the face because you were mad. So I hit you."
Gage, "You hurt me first grandpa!"
Dad, "No I didn't, you tell the truth!"
Gage, "You hurt me first with your whiskers grandpa."
Me, "Oh, now the truth comes out, the old whisker burn, that really does hurt."
Dad, "Well, that was way before I hit him, I was just having fun with that."

Well, can't tell you how much fun it was being the intermediary between a 4 year old and a 64 year old, both right and both so wrong. They were able to make up and be friends about 10 minutes later!


Elena said...

Sounds like a doosy. Wouldn't want to be you then. At least there were other fun memories to counteract the trauma.:) And I've had whisker burn - but mine was more fun to get. ;)

Karli said...

First off... Elena... EWWWWW! ;) And to Kara, I can totally see the fight. :) Tell Gage I love him.

The Nielson Family said...

Too funny! I can sympathize with Gage---I've had an uncle drool on my after I drooled on him. Totally not fair (at least to my 5 year old mind...) It was gross :)

Lia said...

Kara, That is so funny!! I love reading your blog!

Elena said...

Sorry if I offended, Karli. Didn't mean to paint a sordid picture.:)

Kara said...

I thought it was great Elena! Maybe she was thinking of a whisker rub with back and shoulder hair :) Now that would be EWWWW! :)