Thursday, March 11, 2010

Connor's BIG day

Well he did it. He took the plunge - and LOVED it. Connor was so excited to be baptized, it was all he could think about for weeks. He knew how many days until he was baptized for weeks. He was so thrilled when the day finally arrived. He actually woke up at 1:30 in the morning the day of his baptism and couldn't fall back asleep. So he woke up his Dad and asked him to help him go back to sleep because he "had a very important meeting at 5:30 that night and he didn't want to miss it or be sleepy for it."
He looked forward to getting his scriptures, his Sunday suit and his cub scout uniform. They were the only 8th birthday presents he wanted.
He told his dad in the change room after being baptized, "Dad, that was the most awesome thing ever! I feel so good now."
We are so proud of Connor, he is a loving boy with a very tender spirit and takes things very seriously. After scolding him for running in the church last night, he was teary and apologized informing me that he would be repenting that night when he said his prayers.
Can he just stay this sweet and innocent? Please? It would make my job so much easier.
Congratulations Connor, you have made a most wonderful choice and it will bring you so much joy, happiness and peace in your life. Keep being good, keep being kind, keep being tender, keep being obedient, keep being the wonderful Child of God that you are.


Jana Jensen said...

Congratulations Connor, I wish Coleson and I could have been there, only I think Coleson would have been good enough for you. We are proud of you and your good choice. What a great example you are for your brothers and sister. We love you, aunt Jana.

Lia said...

Congrats Connor! And hey, look, the photographer's in the last pic!! Lookin' good!