Sunday, February 21, 2010

What I love about this guy

This is my Tatey Bugs over the years.
He was the nicest baby ever. He started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old. How did that happen? Not sure but I am ever so grateful he did. Tate was so super easy to please. If he fussed he was either hungry or wet. If he was tired he went to sleep. He wasn't picky, still isn't. He was so enjoyable. And he had the BEST hair ever! Golden thick locks that constantly gave him attention from all the ladies. He idolized his older brother and would do whatever he could to be with him and watched him intensely for months - trying to do whatever big brother did. Oh they were so sweet together. Connor would sneak Oreos to him whenever he could. Tate would reciprocate with sweet smiles and uncontrollable laughter. They did everything together and still do - only with more opinions and argument now.
But then he turned two and had a little brother to compete with. It was rough times there for awhile. While he adored and loved his baby brother, he loathed his mother and father. Often telling us that he didn't like us. He started screaming and throwing fits. He became defiant, stubborn and obstinate. He tried our patience. I am glad to say that love won out. Those days are far behind him.
Tate is a very sweet boy.
Tate has a strong personality and is very intense. While we have to tell his older brother to be more aggressive, especially in sports, we need to tell Tate to tone it down. He loves to try his hardest at everything he does. Once he makes his mind up to do something do not get in his way because he will accomplish it and won't stop trying until he has done so.
Last spring he decided he wanted to read before starting kindergarten, did I mention that he is super competitive? I was not all that excited knowing his stubborn streak is every bit as strong as mine. But he insisted. We took a few trips to the library and within a few weeks he was reading. He was so proud of himself, as he should have been. He does this with his school work now. He is given an assignment and immediately puts forth his best effort to accomplish it. I love to go into his classroom and observe him. The kid does not mess around, it is all business. But the minute he is out on the playground he is running, playing and organizing the entire class into games and making the rules. I love his tenacity and confidence.
He is a leader.
He is a great brother - he absolutely adores his little sister. The minute he hears her wake up he is out of his bed pulling her out and taking care of all her needs. He will play with her for hours, if she would let him. But his aggressive nature always wins out and he ends up wrestling around until she screams. Only to forgive him moments later and erupt into giggles from his silly tactics to win her back.Tate is serious. But he loves to joke and make people laugh. It's a good mix.
Tate LOVES his dad.
Tate is loyal - to a fault. Nobody messes with someone Tate loves, i.e Dad. Nobody breaks a rule that Tate feels strongly about. Nobody cheers against BYU or Canada without being personally attacked by this #1 fan.
Each night this boy asks to be snuggled. He wraps his arms around my neck and whispers that he loves me. That is my favorite phrase to hear all day. Suddenly the day was wonderful, no matter what happened. I love you Tate, you make my life so much more full and better than I ever imagined. Please never change who you are, always give me goodnight snuggles and whisper "I love you Mom" in my ear. And I promise to always love you and snuggle you back.

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Karli said...

Well crap! I was all set to go to bed and thought I'd check the blogs first. Now I'm sitting here all teary eyed and missing the little Tate. Thanks a lot!! Love you Tate! Have a super duper wonderful birthday!!!