Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, I am not a smart woman, I know you are all shocked by that. But ... I made a grave mistake.

I am in dire need of a swim suit that fits. It just so happens that I have recently lost a few pounds ... mostly from above the waist! My last swim suit was purchased right after Gage was born 4 years ago. Since then it has been through my pregnancy with McCall - not a smart idea to wear your swim suit while pregnant, things tend to get stretched out and not even the best suit recovers from that.

So I mustered up all my bravery, swallowed my pride, put on my rose colored glasses and ventured out to pick up a swim suit.

Mistake #1 - took 4 children with me, but not a lot of options here as Ryan is gone a lot and it had to be done!

Mistake #2 - had Gage with me! Probably enough said!

Mistake #3 - took Gage with me into the change rooms

Mistake #4 - neglected to duct tape Gage's mouth closed.

The older boys were fine to sit right out side my change room door where I could hear them and still feel safe that they were there. I know Gage too well, so he had to come into the change room to make sure he would still be accompanying me home. I figured he would be busy with his sister during my humiliating ordeal.

But no.

He felt very free to offer his opinions and comments in his very loud sing songy voice. I am pretty sure the women in the adjoining change rooms had to excuse themselves to the restrooms after peeing their pants and laughing at the little boy next door mocking his mother in all her glory.

Apparently I look like a very old naked grandma. Not sure where he has seen one, but he probably made a pretty accurate comparison.

Needless to say, the suit was NOT purchased.


Lia said...

I saw this on FB and had to laugh. Gotta love kids and their lovely comments!

Turbo said...

That is freaking hilarious.

Elena said...

Let's just hope that his wife is have as smokin' hot as you are after 4 kids. That is hilarious, though. I know better than to bring my four year old in any dressing room. He's not that complimentary when I'm fully clothed. I'd be happy to watch kids next time you go swimsuit shopping.

Karli said...

Awesome. I can't wait to see your old grandma self in May. Swimsuit or not. :)

Amber Faull said...

Kara, that made me laugh so hard. I refuse to go clothes shopping with my kids. They won't stop crawling on the floor from one room to the next...big oops if someone is in there.

Matt said...

Haha - that is fantastic. We share your pain... What is it with four year old boys and their loud, non-stop talking?

Mindy Gulbranson said...

That is so funny. I love how Gage keeps us laughing.

Heidi said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa...that is so funny. Two or three years ago I saw some cute suits at Target, but knew there was no way I was going to try on anything with my slew of kids with me (you see, I am very bright :). So what did I do? I bought like a dozen bathing suits and brought them home so that I could try them on without who knows what (oh wait, you do) going on. :) Guess what? I didn't love any of them on me and they are still sitting in 2 stuffed Target bags in home. Why? Because I am the queen of not returning things in time. Shopping is a lose-lose situation for me. Guess I'm not so bright. :)

Marissa said...

Oh the injustices!! Just the words of encouragement you want to hear after LOSING weight. Nice. Don't believe it. He's never seen a naked Grandma before!