Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When the cat's away....

... the kids and I will play.
Connor goes back on track tomorrow and Ryan is off doing some "playing" of his own, so we played today.
We worked first, for a few hours, but that had to end! At noon we went to the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple. It is just in our neighborhood, but we hadn't been to the open house yet. We planned to meet up with Ham (sorry Tony, but I just can't do it) and Sara! But we missed them somehow at the temple, we waited in the cookie tent outside, but apparently they didn't know about the cookie tent, how can you miss the cookie tent? So we enjoyed some cookies and talked about what the boys had seen and what they felt and liked. Tate's favorite part was the ... cookies! That's right, and his favorite room we saw? The cookie tent! Never saw that coming! Connor's favorite part was angel Moroni on the top of the temple, it was hit by lightning on Saturday and as a result his arm and bugle are blackened. He also enjoyed the cookies. Gage had a hard time telling me his favorite part, his mouth was full of cookies! The kids were excellent at the temple, they were on their best behavior. Not so at lunch ...
So off we went to Cafe Rio to meet up with Ham and Sara, we found them this time and had a nice visit, arranged a few marriages in the future and had a great lunch. They will soon be on their way from Boston to Alaska for the next 4 years, slight difference, but not a lot really, only more caribou and less people, but other than that, very similar. Anyway, the boys were not great at lunch, but as Connor put it, "we don't have to be as good at restaurants as at the temple."
We then went to visit Grandma Lani, but she was napping - that darn broken back! So we didn't stay too long and off we went to home to finish up a few chores before using our free kids meals at Chick Fil A. Why do free meals taste better? I thought I would try to give the kids a little more of a leash today, usually I keep them in eyesight and arms length at all times while in public, but Connor has been complaining that he is too big for that. So during dinner when Gage had to go potty and Connor asked if he could take him I decided that would be okay, since we were right by the bathroom and I could still keep an "eye" on them.
So off they went. Ten minutes later, literally, I sent Tate in after them to check on them. He was to come back immediately and let me know what was taking so long. Well, five minutes passed, then ten ... I started packing everything up because by this time I was very concerned and had decided that I would have to go into the men's bathroom to retrieve my boys who were probably flooding toilets by then. Just as I got up to go after them, they came trotting out of the bathroom, talking very loudly - "there is POO on the floor in there!"
Of course I was mortified that my boys had missed the potty, but NO, it was not them! Connor said to me, "even the man in front of us told us to watch out for that poo on the floor. He told us it was not him, but someone before him."
Perhaps he should have told the manager or an employee, not a couple of little boys who are fascinated with all sorts of disgusting things. The boys then proceeded to tell me all about the poo. How big it was, how it looks like half dog poo and half person ... I will stop there, as I tried to get my boys to stop, all the while ushering them out of the restaurant so as not to draw any more attention to us. That is the second nasty poo incident I have had in a week, none of which was my doing! Enough about that.
After dinner we headed over to the theatre to watch Night at the Museum. Can I just say that the kids were amazing, nothing like last time (you can read about that here). McCall slept through the whole movie, while the boys and I laughed our heads off, we actually liked it better than the first one! All in all a great day, and the boys were so tuckered out bedtime was a snap, 30 seconds after prayer they were all asleep, probably half way through really.


Karli said...

Sounds like fun! And all I did was clean my house, sew a quilt top, and then play a softball game. Nothing as exciting as you!

Kobe Family said...

Gotta love the cookie tent! Shannon's favorite part too!

garybeckyandkids said...

Awesome Day! The YM and YW in my ward (without me, even though I was the one who pushed for it- okay I'll stop ranting) were in the Temple on Saturday when it was hit by lightening, they had invited some Catholic kids to go with them and they were teasing our kids about it being "struck by lightening" so the 1st Counselor in the Bishopric was able to talk with thema nd explain how Angel Moroni was able to protect the temple and them- Iguess it was a great talk and experience for all. What a great place to live by!

Elena said...

Dear Kara,
You used to be so consistent with your blogs. I knew that at least every few days I would see your Fun and Follies and I would smile. But now you slack. It's kinda rude, maybe. I don't know, maybe you Canadians think you can leave us hanging and we'll just deal with it. Well, we Texans aren't known for silently enduring. So, get to it. I know you have cute boy stories or that McCall is wearing something adorable as you are reading this. I'd love to see. Oh, and I'd love to do lunch. Please.
Your concerned friend,