Sunday, June 28, 2009

South Jordan Days

The rain broke long enough to watch the parade this past week. The boys loved it and had an especially great time gathering candy thrown in their direction. The highlight of the parade though was meeting Cosmo the Cougar, Connor was even wearing his BYU shirt and tracked down Cosmo to give him a hug- too bad it was too far away for a picture. But he was pleased with himself.

It was quite an eventful day. We spent the morning at the parade, the afternoon at Grandmas house and the evening at our house with the Jensens.
My sister and her family made it all the way from Canada. We were excited to show them the firework show that night. So we scouted out the best location, took our seats all wrapped in blankets and WAITED for the show to begin. An hour later we decided to pack it up as it was now 11 pm and the fireworks had not begun. We even tried to call the city engineer, but to no avail (seriously Nieltson, don't you answer your phone after 10 pm on weekends?). Come to find out the fireworks were cancelled due to rain. Oh well, maybe next year.

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The Nielson Family said...

Where were you? We sat and waited for fireworks until 11 as well, but thought we were the only ones. Guess that city engineer doesn't stay so well informed. Let's just blame it on him, shall we?? :)