Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seventh Heaven

Connor turned 7 this week! He has been looking forward to this birthday for a year now, and he wants to turn 8 as soon as possible so he can be baptized! Not sure how to teach him to love the moment he is in. But...I remember doing the same. Connor is a great little boy who brings a lot of fun and laughter into our home. He is a great big brother and is often found trying to solve disagreements between his brothers. Connor is a bright little boy who LOVES school and even homework. He is really starting to enjoy reading and has recently taken a keen interest in sharks and dinosaurs. Highlights of this past year for Connor were:
  • losing 3 teeth
  • spending a month in Canada with his cousins
  • breaking his arm (yes, he considers this a highlight!)
  • getting staples in his head (the removal was NOT a highlight)
  • "graduating" from kindergarten and starting 1st grade
  • learning to read - now he reads everything, not always a good thing when we are seeing billboards on the freeway, or we are trying to spell things out so the kids don't understand
  • becoming a monkey bar master - despite the broken arm falling off them
  • getting a little sister

He has been a joy and is always trying to please everyone around him. I often get comments from primary teachers about how good he is in class and we are proud of him. He is a great kid all around, even if the 6/7 year old humor drives me crazy. Side note, why do all boys think potty talk is hilarious? He may drive me crazy but I love him!

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Rach said...

Happy Birthday Connor! Don't grow up too fast, we have to get you and Jessica to meet before you head off into the mission field!!