Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Gage!

Gage is 3, almost 4, as he puts it! Our funny little guy is getting so big now, I can't believe it. He has become quite the naughty little boy this last year. He is very sneaky and mischievous in every way. He is often walking around with his hands hidden behind his back and tells me, "I don't have anything in my hands." It is usually something he shouldn't have at all, food out of the kitchen, one of his older brothers toys, mom's money, etc. He loves to crack jokes and tease anyone he can. Next time you see Gage make sure to ask him his knock knock joke, he will be more than happy to accommodate your wishes!

For Gage's birthday we went to the Draper temple open house, he was so excited to go. But at the end of the tour he was a little upset to find out that they had cookies not birthday cake for refreshments. He decided it wasn't his birthday after all since there was no cake or presents. What a kid! He chose to go out for Chinese food for dinner, not because he likes the food, he loves the little cocktail umbrellas that he gets for going there, and the chopsticks of course!

This little fella is so much fun to be with, he is headstrong and stubborn and we love him for it. He loves to help his mom out and will do anything for his little sister. His favorite things to do right now are fight with his brothers, tattle on anyone saying bad words (stupid and hate) and suggest they get soap in their mouths, pretend that he is Santa Claus so he can wrap up toys and give them as gifts to us. He loves to dress up and pretend he is Nacho Libre, a witch, a doctor, etc. We love Gage and are grateful that he is in our family.


The Nielson Family said...

Gage is so cute--tell him happy birthday for us!

Karli said...

Happy Birthday Gage!

Fox Family said...

just looked at your blog from Rochelle's your pictures are cute.

Gage is such a big boy. Tell him Happy Birthday from
Grandma Fox.

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Fox Family said...
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