Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kindergarten "Graduation"

Okay, I 'm not a big fan of awarding kids for every little thing in their life, I believe they should try to excel just for the intrinsict rewards. I quite love the line from the Incredibles, "We keep finding ways to celebrate mediocrity!" With that in mind, recently we had Connor's kindergarten graduation. I was thinking, isn't this a little over the top, I mean isn't everyone supposed to graduate kindergarten? And, does that help you get a better job or into a better college? But I have to repent.
It was actually well done and fairly short. His teacher, Mr. Plott, was an amazing kindergarten teacher and I plan to put my other kids in his class if at all possible. He made a great slide show of all the kids throughout the year and it was quite fun to watch and see how the kids had grown and changed. Connor thoroughly enjoyed school and is looking forward to grade 1 next week.
A HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. Plott for instilling in Connor the desire to learn and making such a fun adventure for him. After expecting kindergarten to be like Magic School Bus I thought Connor might be disappointed with it, but he ended up loving it even more! So there you go Mr. Plott, you even beat out Mrs. Frizzle and her Magic School Bus, quite a feat!

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