Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monkey School?

Well, here is Connor after playing at recess yesterday. He and his friend Grahm have started a "Monkey School" where they play on the monkey bars each day at recess and after doing certain tricks or stunts they graduate to the next level. Well, Connor graduated to Monkey High School and made it up to Monkey #1 (apparently that is good?). But yesterday as he tried to skip a bar he slipped and fell, which he does most days. But this fall was not so good. He fell on his arm and had to be taken to the ER. That's right, pretty exciting for kindergarten. Of course the school was unable to get ahold of me so they called Ryan and he had to leave work. I got home a few minutes later and wondered why the school had called me and Ryan, but no one left any messages. So I quickly called Ryan and found out where they were.
Connor had broken two bones in his arm and was looking like he had to get pins put in so we had to take him up to Primary Children's. They debated on what to do and decided to try to put it back in first. So they put him out and got it back in, hopefully to stay. We will have to see next week.
But Connor was a trooper through the whole thing and he was hilarious. He was very happy that his younger brothers were not hurt because "they were to little to handle that." Once the drugs got into him he was pretty funny. He demoted himself to Monkey #0 and does not plan on returning to Monkey School in the future.
When he got home he had a phone call from his best friend and cousin, Coleson. Coleson had been a little sad that Connor got hurt and told him that he cried a little bit for him and said a prayer. Well, that got Connor going and he really started crying, I asked him why he was so sad and he told me, "I'm not sad Mom, I'm really happy that I have Coleson for my best friend and I think I feel the Holy Ghost right now." The kid has a soft heart.
Tate was struggling with all the attention Connor was getting but Grandma saved the day by taking him out for a few hours just him. When he got home he was ready to help out with everything and spent all day doting on his brother saying all along, "I'll serve you Connor." Gage could really care less, he is just bummed Connor won't play on the bikes and scooters with him right now.
So we are in for a fun summer, no swimming, biking, scooters, etc. I think we will go visit the library tomorrow.


Lauri said...

I couldn't decide whether to laugh or be concerned when I read this - so I did both. Get better fast!

Anna said...

Aren't children amazing with their faith? And that it can be funny and sweet and inspiring all at the same time...

The Nielson Family said...

Conner is hilarious! He sure looks happy in that picture--I'm sure he'll go down in history with his kindergarten class. And you are such a great mom--it's obvious you have taught them well. I'm sure its a relief to know that it sinks in every once in a while :)

Amy said...

When I was 3, 4, and 5-years-old, I broke my arm falling off the monkey bars (yes, that's right, three different times). I think I am still a monkey #0! I love reading about your kids! They are so cute!

Anna said...

awww... that was a sweet blog. connor i sure growing up to be a good kid! kids really are amazingly strong in their faith, and sensitive to the Spirit. poor kid - it'll be a long summer for him. but he looks happy and healthy!