Saturday, June 28, 2008

Comings and Goings

Well, the past few weeks have been full of ... nothing really! We have actually been pretty busy just having some summer fun. Connor is still in school, but done by 11:18 each day, random time I know, not sure why it isn't 11:20 or something nice and round. We have been to birthday parties, the gym, pool, splash park, (thanks to spending the extra $25 for the waterproof cast, who wouldn't in June and July?), and even a few rides at the South Jordan City days, have carnival rides always been so expensive and dumb? Oh well, the boys loved it, until the end when Gage got kicked off the slide by some bully, he had a beauty of a goose egg and bruise, which he hit again the next day to make it even better.

Gage still insists on taking off his clothing if at all possible, but don't worry he remembered to wear his water wings, on his head! He cracks me up all the time. Well maybe not so much this week as he reigned hell and terror around the house, including, but not limited to, breaking jars of jam in the basement, escaping the house without me knowing it, climbing on top of the counters to get into the medicine (kept at the very top of the cupboard, in a lock box!), tormenting his older brothers, spilling syrup all over the floor, the list goes on but I have tried to forget!

Tate had a great week and is quite enjoying being the "big" brother while Connor has a broken arm, his highlight is definately sleeping on the top bunk. His big question of the week is, "How did Satan die?" Hmmmm, he never really did.... how do you explain that to a four year old?

We also celebrated Dave's birthday today, he passed away four years ago so it is hard for the kids to remember him. But each year the kids all get to send a balloon "up" to him. Tate and Connor spent all morning trying to devise a way to get attached to all the balloons so they could also go along and say hello. But decided in the end that Mom and Dad would miss them too much so they thought they should stay. Very nice of them I think.

Connor, well... let's just all shake our heads and smile. Connor informed me today that the ten commandments were given to Moses on the mountain by Heavenly Father, only Heavenly Father had a laser beam finger so he could carve them into the rock! Did I miss something from my interpretation of Mount Sinai? It's good to have him around.


Karli said...

A laser beam!!? Holy crap! But you know, in all the pictures isn't his finger lit up a little? Maybe he's on to something! Oh, and I think you should put Gage in his red boots when he has the water wings on his head. Classsssy!

Mindy Gulbranson said...

Sounds like I could learn something from Connor about the scriptures. How fun. I also love being in Primary, kids are so funny. For Sharing Time they were talking about Temple Recommends and asked how you get one, and Justin said "You have to Pay" Kids are fun!!!!

The Nielson Family said...

Conner is so funny! You really should write a book about his thoughts and ponderings, I love it!

Anna said...

Why not lasers? After all, He had the technology WAY before we did. Okay, don't anyone take that seriously.