Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Archaelogical Finds and More

Well, I thought you all should know this as it will help confirm your testimonies of the Bible and maybe even give us an idea where the children of Israel ended up. We had the boys helping us weed the garden over at Grandma and Grandpa's house the other day and Connor came running up to us with an exciting discovery. He found Moses "stick" (staff), just laying in a pile of weeds. Can you believe it? Try as he might though he was unable to turn it into a snake, but this did not deter him at all, he quickly concluded that it was so old that it just didn't work right anymore. So there you have it, Moses was once in my in-laws backyard. Good to know.

Then Tate was telling me about the apples at Grandma's house, they are the best apples in the whole world he said. Actually, I bought them and put them in the fridge for a snack for the boys, but I wasn't going to take the glory from Grandma. Connor quickly interceded with his thoughts on the apples, "they are so delicious it is like they take you to heaven and back with every bite." What? Not sure where he got that from. Probably from his dad who thinks living with me feels like that everyday.

If this wasn't enough fun for one post, I'll add some more. My sister-in-law, Jessica, just graduated yesterday, congratulations! Ryan was out of town so I took the kids over to graduation, which was held at UVSC in Orem. The boys were pretty well behaved, even for my standards, considering it was a 3 hour event! Behind us was a very proud parent who videotaped the entire ceremony, he must have very good arm strength to hold the camera that long. About 2 hours into it Gage climbed up on the chair in front of this "parent of the year" and looked right in the camera and said, "you can see me now". We had such a great laugh and some high school senior will now have a good reason to watch their three hour graduation.

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Your kids crack me up!