Monday, December 26, 2011

McCall turns 3

McCall requested a pink and chocolate cake for her birthday. So I looked all over Pinterest - they have all the answers! I found this cake that looked so beautiful and yummy and it had chocolate with pink peppermint layers inside and a pink peppermint marshmallow icing. It was gorgeous, and mine turned out like this ...
 So now we know that cakes are not my thing ... but she was still in love with her cake. 
 Until it actually came time to eat it, sing Happy Birthday, etc. Then her little world fell apart.
I'm not sure why, it could have been a number of things, perhaps her sock was twisted, or her lip balm wasn't screwed on just right, or someone dared speak to her when she was not prepared for it. Whatever the reason, McCall had a giant melt down right before we sang her happy birthday, throughout the dishing of the cake, etc. While all our guests were so kind to her and tried to cheer her up I ignored her in exasperation. I don't understand the moodiness and utter melt downs that occur on at least a daily basis. I need a manual to go with the XX chromosome, I was not prepared for this. 
 But not to worry, the gifts were brought out and the girl cheered immediately with the knowledge that she was to have presents. Clothes, costumes, dolls and most importantly, lip balm. 

 What a difference just a few minutes can make. 
She may not know this yet, but her goals for the next year are to be able to control her emotions, stop the fits and incessant whining. Any suggestions you have for helping her with this are welcome!
Three will be a good year for this girl. She is already getting so big and so very much fun. While the melt downs, alligator tears and whining drive me absolutely batty - the little girly things melt my heart. The constant application of lip balm, the sitting with little legs crossed, the "you look beautiful today Mom" comments, the crafting and "cooking" and playing house make up for it. 
We love this little girl and are so grateful she is part of the family. 


Karli said...

I love that little lady. Her and her lip balm.

sally said...

Kara, Kara, Kara! I feel for you. Girls are so sweet but oh so difficult to figure out and keep happy. Part of God's sense of humour?

I enjoy your portrayal of life in your household. So much fun!

Elena said...

At 3.5 Avery's meltdowns are now minimal. BUT she can turn from smiles to scowls in a heartbeat and decide to abandon bold for shy when someone looks at her wrong. Girls. At least they're cute. Happy birthday McCall

Katie said...

Oh my, this scares me. My Lyla is already showing the signs!!

It was so nice to see you a few weeks ago!

Dana M. said...

If you figure out how to control the emotions, let me know. Emily is exactly the same.
McCall is such a doll. Happy Birthday to her!