Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Advents

I love Christmas Advent Calendars and traditions. 
Last year my aunt Keli introduced us to a tradition that they do each year and I immediately loved it. They wrap up 24 Christmas books and open one each night before Christmas. Seeing as my mom has given us at least one Christmas book each year, as well as our aunt Cindy sending the kids Christmas books each year, we had well over 24 books, so we started wrapping. The kids took turns choosing a book to unwrap and we read them together nightly. We often forgot our candy advent calendar over the month, but we always did our books and it was by far our favorite thing to do together as a family. We will continue to do this each year and we absolutely love it. 

 The first book we unwrapped was "A Porcupine in a Pine Tree" - this is the book my mom sent to us last year and I think it is my favorite Christmas book right now. It reminds me of home, and the kids loved reading about Canada and getting a kick out of the illustrations, all you Canadians out there will love this book! I suggest you get a copy right now!

This is our candy and activity advent calendar. We fill the tin canisters with treats, slips of paper with things to do on them and we enjoy doing this as well, it sure beats the chocolate ones you buy at the dollar store!

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Karli said...

For the school Christmas play last year, Porter's class sang this book to the 12 Day's of Christmas tune. It was hilarious. Porter was the the number 2 (and of course I can't remember it now) but the 5 Stanley Cups is brilliant!!!!