Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Decor

I got a little nostalgic while decorating this year. With each box I opened it brought me back to this time last year when I was packing up my entire house to move across the country. It reminded me of my friend, Luci, helping me put away a few things. It reminded me of our old house and neighborhood. As I took things out and tried to find a new place for them, I pictured where they were in my old house and I got a little teary. But I would not trade this last year for anything, we have learned so much, enjoyed so much, seen and visited so much, met so many great people and have loved every minute of it. 
One day I will be decorating in a new place and remembering where we are at now. 

 I have to admit that as we were packing the trailer last year my Christmas trees and Ryan's golf clubs were the last things to put in the trailer. Only, there was no room at all! So they were left behind. I mourned my trees as I am sure Ryan mourned his clubs. But I shouldn't have fussed and whined, because I ended up with an even nicer tree, and Ryan still has no clubs - perhaps his birthday. 

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