Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treating at the Senate

Happy Halloween!

To start things off we headed into the city to join with the staff and their children trick or treating through the office. Each of the employees had treats to share with the kids. Some had decorated their offices and really got into the spirit of things. It was quite fun. The kids loved it as many of the staff gave out "whole" candy bars! I guess when you know exactly how many kids will be coming it is easier to do that. Or, it just may be that many of the *single* guys forgot about it and ventured down to the vending machines in the basement just minutes before the children arrived. Either way, the kids loved it and will probably think that they should have that kind of treatment each time they visit the office from now on. 

Gage was Flash - appropriate since he is now training to be the strongest man in the world and by his reports, he is already half way there. Way to go Gage!

 Audrey and Lily were super hero girls and played their parts very well. They had the best posing for pictures!
 Quite a coincidence that most of the kids were dressed up as super heroes. Perhaps they also feel the need to save America from it's current condition.
 Senator Lee of course had treats to hand out to the kids, mixed in with a few Canadian jokes, he's good like that. Only I'm not sure that the foreign relations committee would appreciate them as much as we do.
 Connor decided this year that he was to big and cool to dress up with all of us as super heroes, apparently those are "baby costumes and he would rather wear a tutu." I was tempted to grant his wish or call him on his bluff. But the tears got to me and I relented. He chose to be an Angry Bird. Good choice on his part. All the middle school girls were commenting on his costume the entire night while out trick or treating - he enjoyed it, to say the least.

 This little girl loved the camera. And the camera loved her. Everywhere we took McCall in her costume people stopped to admire her, it was fun and she loved telling people that she was "Wonder Woman, except I'm modest."Fun times had by all.

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Jessica Hall said...

Tell Connor that he is not even allowed to TALK to middle school girls. EW! Way cute costumes and looks like lots of fun and spoiling happened!