Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pumpking Patch 2011

I have been a slacker these past few months, with little time to post and computer troubles that are ailing me I have fallen behind. But I think most of that is behind me, at least for the moment! I vow to catch up!

We visited a "local" farm last month to select our pumpkins and pick some apples so I could bottle apple pie filling - oh it is so yummy!
The kids were excited to go, even though we were literally there for 20 minutes and we were losing daylight quickly. They chose their pumpkins quickly from the few that were left, yes I procrastinated just about as long as I could on this annual tradition. Every time I thought I would be able to go something came up and it kept getting pushed back. But finally we headed out to the farm. It was so beautiful. Even the drives on the freeways are beautiful out here, the autumn leaves and foliage all turning different colors are stunning and I can't help but marvel at the scenery and it continually reminds me that God is real and that he must really love us to give us all this beauty. 

McCall was thrilled to find a pumpkin just her size that she could actually hold all by herself. She was the first to pick hers out. The boys had specifications that were very important - they had to be BIG!

Grandma was in town with us and graciously went with me to help with crowd control. Only we were the only ones there right before closing time, in the middle of the week and so close to Halloween - I may try to do that again next year!
We found this sign right as we were leaving, it is meant for farm accidents, accidents picking apples, accidental vehicle dents, etc. But as it was located right outside the bathrooms, we found it fitting to pose right before the boys used the facilities before heading home. They are a bunch of clowns - but I'll keep them!


The Nielson Family said...

Ha! Those boys are too funny :) Love catching up on your blog too! I'm so behind as well, you might be seeing me post on easter next week!! I have a feeling you're coming to my zip code soon...but I don't know exactly when. Let me know when and where and I"ll throw rocks at your window one night and we can go get ice cream :) Love ya!

Karli said...

I'm just overcome by the fact that you were disorganized enough to wait until the last minute. My mind is blown. :)