Friday, November 4, 2011

Mr. Smith goes to Washington ...

and he brought his family!
We were so excited to have Matt, Lisa and the kids come to visit for a long weekend. We have been friends forever - at least I think it has been that long! We love getting together and though several moves have spread us out over the years we still are able to see the Smith's. I have to say though, I am not happy at all that the kids are growing up so quickly. Kiana is as tall as her mom, and both her and Katy are way smarter than me. Tanner and Gage are two peas in a pod, watch out women of the world (in about 20 years), they actually took the time to compare girlfriends and share tips. AWESOME! McCall and Keilya just loved playing and catching rides on their daddy's shoulders. It was a great trip and so good to visit. Not sure when the last time I stayed up until 3:30 am just visiting and catching up. Oh how I miss those Smith's. Perhaps we will be Chicago bound soon to make a visit.

 I feel like I must point out that Lisa is tiny so tiny that I look huge, larger than I really am, but I do dwarf her, so that part is real.
 These two are hilarious together. They warmed right up to one another and enjoyed every second together. They were a hoot and I think they should have been brothers!

 The two "babies" of the families. Maybe in 30 years there will be a picture of them just like the one of Lisa and I above. If so, I'm going to tell McCall to sit down and try to look smaller :)

Thanks for coming out to visit Smith's, we thoroughly enjoyed you and all the fun we had!

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Matt Smith said...

I was going to say something pithy, but couldn't come up with anything. We had a great time - looking forward to your Chicago visit! (I promise not to stay at work until 3:00 am too! Last train is 12:30, so it would be hard anyway...) :)