Monday, November 15, 2010

The Sea Serpent

I have learned all sorts of new things this year as my oldest son has joined scouts. Who even knew there was a "Rain Gutter Regatta"?
Not I.
In fact I completely forgot about it until about 4 hours before the race.
We were thinking we had missed out on it while we were out of town, turns out it was postponed.
Connor was thrilled.
He whipped his boat into shape immediately.
I was freaked out.
I had never built one before, Ryan was super busy on the campaign trail and we had misplaced our boat.
A neighbor pulled through with an extra boat.
Bill from the campaign turns out to be an expert at these little puppies - so I had a conference call with Bill and Ryan at the campaign office while assembling it.
Turned out perfectly for Connor.
He was thrilled!He dubbed her "The Sea Serpent", probably didn't realize it was only racing in a rain gutter - but "The Sea Serpent" sounds so much more menacing.
He won 3rd place and was quite happy with himself.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually enjoying Cub Scouts!

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