Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween Night 2010

Our four little goblins decided to dress up as characters from "Night at the Museum" this year and we had lots of fun making our costumes.
Dad - Teddy Roosevelt
Mom - Amelia Earhart
Connor - Kahmunrah (spelling?) the Pharaoh
Tate - Octavius
Gage - Jedediah
McCall - Sacajawea
We went with our cousins - we had Santa, a punk, Stitch and the whole Mario Cart gang. Even though we were thoroughly soaked we had a great time and the was a plethora of candy to be had.
I can't remember what Brad's costume was, but I know it was scary!

But our very best and most favorite part of Halloween this year were our first TRICK or treaters. Our doorbell rang and we all ran to pass out the candy. When I opened the door there were three little tricksters awaiting us. A princess, a knight and a dragon. So I began to fill their bags with candy thinking to myself, boy this little princess looks like Emma (my niece in Canada), boy this little prince looks like Kael (my nephew in Canada), by the time I made it to the little dragon - who looked very much like my little nephew Max (from Canada) I had it figured out. My brother came around the corner and I burst into tears. I was so excited to see them, what a great Halloween treat for us. Much like one we pulled on my grandma years ago, only we went the day before Halloween and she handled it with grace not knowing who was behind those 6 little masks. Thanks for making our Halloween memorable!

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