Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Watch out for the couch!

Tate had an unfortunate incident while on vacation in Canada.
While his cousin came in close contact with a bear - only a few feet away and he had a dead fish in his hands at the time. His uncle nearly killed himself on the tractor. His 2nd cousin nearly drowned. But Tate took the time to show us the dangers around the home - he didn't need a bear, a tractor or a lake. All he needed was a couch.
He was playing in the basement and throwing a football in the air and catching it - that's right everyone, our mother's were right - don't throw a ball in the house! Well, he didn't take his eye off the ball and he tripped and fell right into the corner of a very tough couch.
I didn't take much pity on him at first - okay, no pity, I admit it, I am a horrid mother. He was supposed to be picking up the toys and instead was playing with them. So I told him to stop his whining, I mean how bad can it hurt to "bump" your mouth on a soft couch? He toughed up as much as possible, but still complained about it, all the while I was thinking what a softy he was.
Turns out when I saw his face about an hour later I felt horrible! He had a big bruise on his upper lip. His cheek was all swollen and cut up inside and he could hardly talk. Turns out that couch was brute! For the rest of the trip I felt a little guilty each time I looked at him. He has since recovered nicely and I don't think he will be playing football in the house for quite some time.


Lia said...

Well if you're a horrible mother than so am I. I would have done the same thing! Remind me to tell you about the time Nik broke his finger.

Sarah and Ty said...

I like how he's trying to smile through the bruise in the last picture. Boys will be boys!! Rough trip for everyone though!