Sunday, July 25, 2010

BOY: A noise with dirt on it

It was early in the morning.
I sent Connor off to his very first Scout Day Camp.
The excitement was palpable.
He was clean.
Wearing a neatly pressed scout shirt.
His neckerchief was folded just right and clean as a whistle.
His backpack was packed with sunscreen, bug spray and a bountiful lunch.
He was returned to me like this.He thought he looked great still.
Asked me, "why?", when I told him to get into the shower.
So I had to show him in the camera what he looked like.
He didn't necessarily agree that he needed to do anything about his current state.

But then I showed him this....

and this...
It appears he didn't need the sunscreen or bug spray.
No amount of sun rays or desperate bugs were coming anywhere close to contact with his skin. He had provided a protective layer and was safe from such nuisances.
I cringe to think that he ate his lunch with those hands.
But he had the best time of his life.
Thank you blessed people who take care of the Cubs.
There is a special place in heaven for each of you!

Wash, rinse, repeat for day two!


The Nielson Family said...

What a cute kid :)

Lia said...

How fun! Boys love getting away so they can forget about all those nicetties, like cleanliness and such. I'll remember to check his hands if ever given the opportunity to ask him to please pass the pickles.

Lauri said...

I think he looks best like that!

Summer said...

Yay! Kayleb is SOOOOOOO excited for Cubs too. He is anxiously waiting for Cubs to start up again in Sept. It will so much fun!