Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I missed this face!
He was out doing good, saving souls and growing up - all in Chile.
He conquered the swine flu.
He survived the huge earthquake.
He left a boy and came back a young man - kind of :)
I'm proud of him, he's my little brother and I think he is pretty darn awesome.
Welcome home Kasey!
I think he might have missed Barq's root beer and Wendy's more than anything - but within an hour of landing on home soil he said hello to both of them again.


Lia said...

Ah! That photo of him hugging who I presume to be his mom just made me cry!! So sweet! And what a cutie!!

Anna said...

I don't know how I am going to stand this! Looking at these wonderful pictures of his homecoming made my eyes sweat. And it makes me think about my own boys heading off and coming home from their missions. How can I bear for them to be gone for so long? 'Kay. Have to stop here! The tears aren't going to stay contained for long if I keep thinking about this any longer. Wonderful pictures, Kara. I love how you captured all the emotions. Welcome home Kasey!!