Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Wedding Part 3 - The Gulbransons

Dear Jill -
Did we mention that Garyn has 5 brothers? No?
Well, he does, and they are all fabulous, with the exception of a few ... or more ...
How about the nephews?
Was that in the pre-nup?
Well, don't worry, there are only 17 of them ....
There is a babysitting minimum during the first year of marriage.
We'll get that worked out soon ... ish...
But aren't they cute?

We love you Aunt Jill and Uncle Garyn!
With love,
McKay, Caleb, Coleson, Bridger, Ethan, Nolan, Justin, Aidan, Connor, Tate, Gage, Porter, Walker, Luke, Kael, Max, Gavin
and of course the 4 lonely girls - Emma, McCall, Addie, and Cora


Karli said...

So glad you waited to break it to her until after things were set in stone. :)

Jill said...

I just love all of these handsome boys! They sure do add a lot of entertainment!

Sarah and Ty said...

And what cute boys you Gulbranson's make!!