Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today I am grateful for refrigeration.
Over the past several months we have had several family visit us from Canada. On each of their visits our little rambuncious 3 year old has put on his best behavior and charmed his grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins. I have had many comments on how he possible could not be a trouble maker, there is no way he is not an angelic child. Well, read on I say, and decide for yourself whether this child is angelic or mischief wrapped in blue eyes and dimples.
For several days Ryan and I have been smelling something odd, especially around our room. I have looked several places for a misplaced diaper or something of the sort, but without finding anything I figured it must have been just a passing thing. Well, when we got home from church today the smell was even worse so we went on a more thorough search. I told Ryan to check the drawers in his nightstand as the smell was worse on his side of the bed.
He did.
He found something very nasty - no pictures were taken for this blog, you will thank me!
Wrapped nicely in a grocery bag was a package of T-bone steaks, reeking of rot and nastiness. They of course had dripped and when Ryan removed them they dripped all over the carpet, nightstand etc. YUCK!
Gage had helped himself to our freezer and put a package of steaks in a grocery bag and then placed them in Ryan's bedside table.
He fully admits to doing it with a smile on his "angelic" little face. Now I must ask, Jana, Karli, and Grandma G. do you want a little destroying angel to come stay with you for a few weeks? Do you value anything in your home?
Other capers of this little dude this past week have been:
  • Searching through Grandpa M's closet to find a shotgun and pulling it out to play with. It was in the very back of the closet, tucked away safely from little prying hands. But he found it and pulled it out. Angel.
  • Hiding his cousins special blanket. Cousin Luke (18 months) came for a visit. His blanket came up missing, everyone in the house searched through boxes, cupboards, refrigerators, freezers, garage, cars, etc. Well, we didn't find it for two days. I stumbled upon it under the stairs hidden amongst the boxes. Gage admits to this as well.
  • Cereal was on sale this week and we grabbed a few boxes for food storage. Apparently he got the hankering for some Honey Combs and opened up a box in the basement, ate a few and then proceeded to dump the entire box on the floor and crush them up.
  • A favorite of Gage's is raisins. He knows just where to find them at Grandma M's house. He helped himself to raisins again just yesterday and polished off a half a bag before anyone found him, I am still waiting for him to get a natural consequence from this, but nothing bothers the boy.

That's probably enough for the week, let's see what the next week brings. He is however honest and never denies any charges laid before him, so he does not have a career in politics. Any suggestions of what to direct his "curious" attentions to would be greatly appreciated.


Terresa said...

I had to stop at the rancid T-bone steaks...and run for a trash can to barf. Just kidding. We have a 2 yr old who luckily isn't at that stage yet (of grabbing & stashing stuff), but the future possibilities are endless.

The Nielson Family said...

That is disgusting! How horrible--I am such a 409 freak that the thought of that much bacteria makes my head spin. So sorry for you! However, he is luckily very cute and worth keeping around... :) I'm afraid I have no suggestions--but you're always welcome to send him over if you need time to "clean up"!

Dana said...

Oh heavens, your hands are FULL with him. I would be ripping my hair out, but you handle it so good. I have to admit though, I love your Gage stories and so does Robbie. I am so glad that he admits to it all, that is so cute.

Rubie Purcell Arnold said...

That is just too dang funny Kara, I wonder where the heck he gets all that mischief from? Maybe his MOM! (LOL!)j/k! I feel for you w/the Tbone steak, that is pretty nasty. Nevertheless, I'm sure Gage is still a keeper. Miss you all.

Karli said...

I'm just glad you found the blanket and soooo glad that that horrible stench will be gone before we get there tomorrow! j/k I don't care what you say... I still love the kid! :)