Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am Canadian! - Actually I have dual-citizenship.

I am Canadian, and being Canadian, I feel that I have to dedicate today to Canada.
A few things you should know about Canada and Canadians:
Canadians do indeed say "eh". It is similar to the American "huh" but has more uses.
English speaking Canadians (anglophones) also use a few British words and expressions that may be unfamiliar to Americans.
An "elastic" is a rubber band. A "chesterfield" is a sofa or a couch. "Runners" are sneakers or tennis shoes. A "cash register" is a till.

  • Old Dutch chips - salt and vinegar, dill pickle and of course, ketchup
  • Smarties - like M&M's but yummier
  • Nanaimo bars - mmmmmm, miss those
  • Garburators, touques, decals, neighbours, colours, favourite, etc.
  • Perogies
  • Rhubarb
  • Vinegar and gravy for fries
  • EH!
  • Some of the worlds funniest people - Dan Akroyd, Leslie Nielsen, William Shattner, John Candy,
  • Famous people - Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, Barenaked Ladies, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Alanis Morisette, Bryan Adams, Neil Yound, Sarah McLachlan, Peter Jennings, Alex Trebek, Steve Nash, Kim Cattrall, Michael J. Fox, Keanu Reeves, Kiefer Sutherland (aka Jack Bauer), David Foster - okay I could go on, but there are a few famous people from Canada - Kara McCoy...

Canadian Myths:

  • We do NOT live in igloos - although that would be cool, literally. We have houses, with electricity and plumbing.
  • We DO speak English - but French is the second language and most people can speak some of both, just don't ask me to translate!
  • Canada's national sport is Hockey. Not completely true, I actually do not like hockey at all because I don't get the rules, or missing teeth. While Hockey is very popular, and considered our national pastime, our national sport is Lacrosse. Oh, and we invented Baseball too.
  • We do NOT have a queen, although the queen of England is loved by most Canadians.

We love Canada! Happy Canada Day to all.


Dana said...

Happy Canada Day!!

Jennie Stephens said...

I had a canadian room mate in college and OH WOW... I was introduced to a wonderful thing!! ketchup chips, ketchup salt, dill pickle chips, dill pickle salt. SMARTIES (BETTTTTER THAN M&M's) Malt vinegar with french fries... holy cow!!! I loved her accent... she was from montreal. My friend Barbara is from Canada, and she always brings home "chocolate bars" whenever she goes and visits... along with ketchup everything for me!! hahaha

Karli said...

First of all, I think it's Dual-Citizenship, but you know, whatever, eh?

The Nielson Family said...

Well, my mom's Canadian but my dad's southern. I love collard greens, but always spell restaraunt wrong and I know a serviette when I see one. :) It only took 10 minutes and $75 to become a canadian citizen but it took my mom 2 years to become american--go figure!