Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The mind of a boy

Connor used to have a little camera, that was damaged beyond repair from water. Seriously, why aren't $10 cameras waterproof! Anyway, he insisted on keeping the camera and I actually let him, for those of you who know me well know that this is abnormal, I love to throw away almost anything, especially if it has no use.
But this little camera has much use left in it. For instance, it kept Connor and Tate entertained and working/playing together for almost 2 hours this afternoon. They found a tiny screwdriver and immediately began dismantling the camera. They were mesmerized with all the contents and what they could possibly be. I was busy at the other end of the table sewing a few skirts and had a great time listening to their conversations.
Tate - "don't cut the wires, you will get electrocuted and die."
Connor - "hmmm, do you think so? (2 minutes later), nope it didn't kill me."

Tate - "what should we make out of these parts?"
Connor - "probably a robot that can do all our chores. I think I have a good plan for that. Plus, we are both scientists so we can think of something great to invent and make lots of money."

I love that they got along and worked together on a project, I'm only worried about what else they will want to take apart. Better start hiding the screwdrivers.


Turbo said...

That is so great. I used to take everything apart, when I was little. I loved it. Happy Canada day!

Karli said...

That's hilarious! My boys are going to be so happy when we get there to visit!