Thursday, November 6, 2008


Lately I have been laughing so much at my boys. Gage has decided he has a sense of humor and loves to tease me all day by saying funny things and joking around. Today I asked him for a hug and kiss, which he usually is very excited to share. Well, not today, I was told instead, "no way, then I will have disgusting girl germs!" What? Since when am I a girl? and disgusting? Last I heard I wasn't a girl, "just a mom". He also told me today at lunch that he couldn't eat his lunch because "his biscuits were burning". Unbelievable!

Tate informed me today that although he loves me he will not go to a girl movie with me where people kiss in the movie because that is also disgusting, he also may not kiss me anymore, even though he loves me still.

Connor informed his carpool buddies that Barrack Obama will be a horrible president because he will make a huge bomb and blow up the whole world. Hmmmm...not sure where he got that one. So we had to have a discussion on politics with our 6 year old and explain that he is not a bad man, just not our first pick for president. Apparently we need to be very careful what we say around the boy, not that we said that!

Another very funny thing happened last night at YW. One of the girls I work with there had her two boys there and her four year old kept poking my belly and laughing. His mom explained to him that there was a baby in my tummy and that is why it stuck out like that. He was intrigued and proceeded to lay on the floor by my feet and look up my dress to catch a peek at the baby. I laughed so hard, he was a little disappointed, as I am sure most people would be!


TL said...

That is so funny! I love all the stories! Tyler keeps reminding me that he doesn't like kisses either but I still give them to him just to hear, "Mom remember I don't like kisses. Next time remember not to kiss me!"

Karli said...

Duh!! It is Barack O'bomb'a isn't it?

Jennie Stephens said...

I a laughing so hard right now. My Jackson hasnt stopped giving me hugs and kisses yet, but after does does,he then says "Ohhh yucka momma!!!!!" love that kid. Porter loves to lick my face. I think he is a dog, because he even barks non stop. I too agree it was very funny seeing parker peek under your dress... classic curioius boy!! jackson does that ALL the time. he will look up my dress and say "baby girl, will yuo come out!!!!"

Marissa said...

DOn't be so hard on yourself about the boy being disappointed from seeing "nothing" up your dress....would you want him to actually get a kick out of it?