Monday, November 17, 2008

Advent Calendar Take 2

Okay, you asked for it! Here is how to make this fun calendar.

You will need: cookie sheet/pizza pan, coordinating scrapbook paper 4-6 pieces, 2 pieces of coordinating card stock paper, 24 tin containers (varying sizes if you want), 24 magnets and modge podge glue.

I found all of this at Walmart, the pizza pan was only $3 and the tins were $18, sometimes you can find those cheaper at Roberts by using their 40% off coupon, they are in the wedding aisle as they are mainly used for wedding favors. You do not have to use a pizza pan, a cookie sheet, or a sheet of metal or even your refrigerator will work to just put the tins on during the season.

Step 1: Modge Podge your paper to your pizza/cookie pan. Make sure to use the modge podge on the pan and then again on top of the paper. Smooth out paper and set aside to dry.

Step 2: Cut out circles to fit the tops of the tins in coordinating scrapbook paper. I used my Cricut cutter which was super easy and quick, please come play and borrow mine if you are close by!

Step 3: Modge Podge circles to tops of containers, set aside and let dry.

Step 4: Cut out numbers 1-24 for the tops of the containers. Again, I used my Cricut for this as well, again, super easy! If you can't get your hands on one there are several other options, you can purchase number stickers, use chipboard numbers, buy scrapbook paper with numbers and cut them out, write the numbers on the circles before you modge podge them on to the tins, etc.

Step 5: Modge Podge the numbers on top of the tins, this will be over top the circles after they are dried. Allow to dry again.

Step 6: Glue, I would use super glue, magnets to back of tins.

Step 7: Decorate and embellish as you desire. You can use Christmas stickers, die cuts, ribbon, buttons, anything your little heart desires.

Step 8: Adhere ribbon to the pizza/cookie tin so you can put it up on the wall. I chose to drill a hole on each side of the pizza tin and thread my ribbon through that thinking that it would hold better than gluing the ribbon directly on the tin. But you are free to do whatever you like.

Step 9: Fill the tins with goodies, I am going to use some to put slips of paper in that have some of our traditions on them, i.e. bake Christmas cookies today, visit Temple Square, trim the tree, etc. Have fun with this and get creative. Maybe fill one with marshmallows and a slip of paper saying to have hot cocoa and read your favorite Christmas story together around the tree. Just use whatever you like!

Remember to use whatever color combinations you would like and have fun with it. My boys had a blast "helping" me make this calendar and it was a memory making day in and of itself. We didn't do anything else that day, the house was not cleaned, I did not go to the gym, I didn't even make dinner, but we had a great time together and now we have an advent calendar that we can use every year! Have fun and feel free to call if you have any questions. Or we can plan a get together to make it together, how fun would that be? But it would have to be soon!


Amber Faull said...

I'm impressed. You're so crafty, just like my mom. But I didn't really inherit the crafty gene. Actually, this looks doable and my kids would love it. Maybe I'll give it a try.

garybeckyandkids said...

Kara- You are awesome- THANk YOU for the directions, and so easy to understand! I am looking forward tomaking this- I have much need for fun time with my cute kids!
Thanks again,