Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oops he did it again!

Well, yesterday I decided to a nap, besides I had Gage and Tate asleep, dinner was actually made, the house was clean (enough), etc. I figured I deserved it! I fell asleep quickly and was awakened by the glorious phone ringing, which I ignored. I quickly fell asleep again, ignoring my cell phone ringing now. Immediately afterwards our home phone rang again and I figured that someone must really want to get a hold of me so I rolled myself out of bed, hobbled to the phone and answered.
"Hello Mrs. McCoy, this is Daybreak Elementary calling. Connor has had an accident."

"What? Again?!"

YES! He was crab-walking backwards down a hill, who doesn't do that? Then slipped and hit his head on a metal grate. They thought he might need stitches so could I please come see what I thought and bring him a clean shirt as his had blood all over it. Are you kidding me? I just got his brothers to sleep and I really wanted a nap! Being a parent is such an inconvenience! Oh well, maybe I'll nap today. He did need stitches, staples actually. I took him into instacare and he got two nice staples on the back of his head. He was brave and didn't cry at all, but I am afraid they are going to start keeping detailed notes on his accidents and making sure that they are happening at school. The kid is a little accident prone. I asked him what he had planned for second grade, as he has been sent to the hospital from both Kindergarten and first grade, he thought maybe he would just throw up in class. Good idea Connor!


Michelle said...

I am so sorry!! Sometimes a mom just needs a nap! I am glad Connor is so tough!

Turbo said...

I'm glad he is ok. Having staples in his head is kind of a cool story, that not everyone can tell.

TL said...

Glad he's such a tough boy, no tears when they put staples in his head. Connor, you are amazing! :)

Karli said...

That kid cracks me up! And I can't believe that a first grade teacher would have the nerve to ask his students to do a crab crawl! Backwards! Down a hill!!! What kind of a masochistic teacher is this? :)

Jana Jensen said...

He's more like the Jensen boys everyday. Coleson thinks the pictures are really cool and is now bragging that he has only had a broken arm and Connor has been hurt more.