Friday, October 31, 2008

This is a must see!

Okay, you absolutely must see this video! I found it quite stimulating and am re-thinking my upbringing in a logging/hunting/bear slaying family! I will admit it is a complete waste of time and you may curse me for having you watch it, but I do believe you will forever mourn the trees like these loving people do. I am sure that each of you will be buying fake trees this year, I know I will (but for completely different reasons, the mess!). Enjoy!


Karli said...

I find myself mourning with these poor souls. I mean, if we don't mourn for those poor defenseless trees... who will? It's a good thing they used a video instead of writing their feelings down because... you know... they would have been killing more trees! Crazy Hippies!!! Maybe they should be mourning their dead brain cells instead!

TL said...

Seriously? We mourn the loss of trees every time there's a lighting storm and we lose one at our house but wow I must say we didn't quite get into it the way these people did. Maybe next time!

Mindy Gulbranson said...

Kyle wonders if they use toilet paper, because they just might be contributing to the death of the trees. I hope they are using bannana peels instead. We sure got a good laugh out of it.