Tuesday, October 7, 2008

T-Ball Pro's (and con's)

The boys are in their first (maybe only?) season of t-ball. They are loving it and I am going crazy. It is amazing to see their personalities come out in a team environment and we have been surprised!

Tate is VERY aggressive and pushes his way to the ball each time, he pays attention to the game and knows where he is supposed to be, all though that doesn't necessarily mean he will be where he is supposed to be and he really enjoys playing the game. In fact, as soon as he is through batting he either joins the other team on the field or gets back in line to bat again. He doesn't want any of this sitting around stuff! No picking dandelions in the outfield for him!

Connor thinks it is fun on a social level but is not as concerned with winning and losing as is his younger brother. Connor is happy to just run around the bases and get home, missing a few on the way because he is just "too fast"! He loves the game but is more concerned with giving everybody a fair shot rather than being the best himself. Not sure where we went wrong.

Gage is just miffed that he is not on a team, so he spends the time playing catch with mom. He is a lefty and only has a right hand me down mitt from his brothers but he doesn't let that bother him, he puts it on the opposite hand and plays very awkwardly, but pretty decent for a two year old.

These boys are so much fun, even if watching 2 hours of t-ball can be excruciating, not sure if there are supposed to be rules or not, it appears NOT!.


Michelle said...

I love t-ball! It sounds like the boys are having a great time! Wish we lived closer so we could come and watch! Can't wait to see you guys!

TL said...

How fun! I almost forgot they were playing. I love the pictures and am sure they are both having a great time!