Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Happens

I wish I could say that I have been negligent on posting lately because I have been so extremely busy crossing things off my to do list, but alas, that is not true (at all). We have just been "busy" living life. August has flown past me without notice and September is upon us, does that mean cooler weather for Utah? If not, I may need to be leaving for good! Maybe that has been my problem, the heat has made me lazy and stupid!

But we have still been busy doing fun things and sending Connor back to school. We were able to go up the canyon a few times in August, roast some marshmallows, have some great dutch oven cooking and enjoy the scenery.

As you can see, we spend equal amounts of time taking baths after each day spent outside, what is about boys and finding any dirt, mud and mess that you can? They have thoroughly enjoyed themselves this summer.

We were able to visit the county fair one evening and the boys really had fun. Of course they wanted to spend all their time on rides, but when the Ferris wheel makes you scared out of your pants, your rides are limited! The boys screamed like little girls! So I wanted to take the kids into the animal barns and show them all the animals and give them all the exciting facts that I know from growing up a farmer. But apparently the barns "stink" and it is "so gross", etc. Can you say citified? These boys need to go back to their roots. They wouldn't even pause for 30 seconds to watch the cattle being shown and judged, after all I spent many a summer training cattle and showing them, I knew which ones would win, but they were not interested and neither was their dad. Cotton candy and thrill seeking rides were calling their names! Time to get back to the country.

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