Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

Grade One is upon us. Truthfully, Connor has already completed 4 weeks of school and I am behind, again. He has truly enjoyed his first grade year, so far. He has a great teacher that lets him have two recess breaks and lunch! Wow, miracles happen when you go from half day to full day!
However, there is one problem with grade one, according to Connor, and that is GIRLS! He has spend the majority of his recess breaks and lunch times running away from stinky girls that are trying to kiss him. Let me ask all you mothers out there who have 6 year old girls, are they all so promiscuous? Okay, so I know there are plenty of nice girls out there, but what do I do about the little flirts chasing and kissing my son? Maybe I should stop making him match, wear deodorant (yes he needs it!), and brushing his teeth. I am at my wits end with this "problem". Not to say that Connor doesn't do his fair share of tauting and teasing the girls into their hormonal craze, but is this normal to start so young? I agree, he is a handsome little fellow, but he is also so annoying and has cooties, can't they see this?
On another note, we were told that our son is a stinking genius! Well, maybe not genius, but he is smart. He has tested at a grade 4 level for reading, writing, spelling and math. Pretty darn good, I had no idea and still wonder as to the origin of his cleverness. But we are going to keep that quiet from him. He doesn't need a bigger head than he already has. But we are very proud of him and his efforts to learn, he LOVES school and everything about it, except maybe that his mom is mean and packs him a lunch, even on macaroni and cheese day. Can you believe the injustice?


The Nielson Family said...

Wow--what is wrong with girls these days? I was never like that--definetly kept my distance. And I will be brainwashing my daughter to do the same. :)

Andrea Whidden said...

SUPER-DUPER CUTE family, and a girl, oh my gosh, I cannot wait to see what that sweet thing will look like....SO AWESOME!!!

Anna said...

Gee I don't know what to tell you. My daughter spends recess running away from the boys (but they are pointing their fingers like pistols, she says). Hmmm. They're probably okay as long as they keep their feet moving!

Kobe Family said...

I have to say a lot of little girls are like that, but a lot of it depends on if their mom knows and what they do about it. Erin is a reformed kisser. Her mother has had several discusions on why we don't chase and kiss. On behalf of all mothers out their with "fast" daughters, I am sorry!