Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well, another Christmas has passed and it was our best one yet. The kids were so much fun this year with the anticipation of Christmas and all the great things that go with it. We started it off early at 5:00 am the boys were up asking to get started, what ever happened to sleeping in? Every other year we had to wake them up, but it seems that if the get to bed super late, they get up super early.
Tate started the festivities at 4:00 crying for his blanket. This requires an explanatin. He had made a deal earlier with Santa's helper (aka Mom) that he would leave his old blanket, full of holes and barely held together, under the trees for the elves in return for a new one. I was so excited at the prospect of getting rid of that old rag that I shopped for days trying to find the right fabric (pirates) and stayed up til 2 am three times last week sewing and patching it all together to have it ready on time, not to mention my sewing machine broke in the mean time. Only to have him wake up at 4 am crying that he had changed his mind, well, Santa had already made his stop at our house so it was out of the question for us to make the change and miracuously Tate has loved his blanket and proclaimed it to smell the same as the old one! I think that is one successful trade! Now only to get Connor to do it with his bear, which he finally informed me at 10 pm Christmas Eve that he was ready to do, I told him next year......
Connor and Tate spent the day playing with Transformers, and thus Ryan and I spent the day putting Transformers together and finding missing parts. I think toys should come with parental warnings on the, ie. "warning will cause great aggitation between the 10th and 20th time putting this back together" or "will break quickly no matter what you spent on it". But, heh, it's Christmas.
Gage was just thrilled with opening presents, he didn't really care to play with anything except a rubber duck from his stocking and the empty boxes. Why is it that every year I swear to do less and only wrap boxes for anyone under two and I have yet to do it.
But all in all we had a wonderful Christmas this year spent with family and friends and trying to remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, to whom we all owe the greatest debt and should strive to emulate througout the year. Merry Christmas everyone, we wish you joy and happiness throughout the coming year.


alovera said...

hey!! i'm glad to have your blog now, i'm posting it on mine which is glad you had a great christmas and here's to a fabulous new year!!

Elena said...

Hi Kara. Your family looks great. Hope to see you soon.