Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas 2007 Newsletter

Greetings Family and Friends,

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to any of you, but we didn’t get our act together early enough to send out a card or picture in the mail again this year. So, here we go again with the electronic Christmas card...I’m thinking this should just become the norm. ;)

This year has been a wild ride for the McCoy family. We’ve returned to Utah as I’ve grown my business with a merger and the hiring of several employees. I continue to work in the internet marketing industry with an eye on the international market. This year has been one of many business trips including Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Santa Barbara (CA) and Las Vegas. No matter how many times I’ve explained my business it still doesn’t make any sense to anybody outside of my industry. I’ll just say this; I am not the one responsible for the pop-up ads on your computer or all the SPAM clogging up your e-mail inbox.

Utah has been an adjustment for the boys that were accustomed to large tracts of land to play on and watch the wildlife. When we arrived at our new home to unpack the boxes and noticed the boys were uncharacteristically quiet we found them with their binoculars pressed to their bedroom window. We had to explain that “city” folk don’t like being looked at from behind a pair of binoculars quite as much as did the deer, bears, and moose of Northern British Columbia. The concept of a city lot was also a foreign concept as we had to constantly remind them this summer to stay in our yard.

Now for the quick run down on each member of the family:

Gage (now 23 months) is getting used to the rough and tumble life of being the youngest of three boys. He has learned to play rough with his older brothers and has learned to hold his own in wrestling, fighting for the tinker toys, and pushing Tate out of the way when dad comes home from work.

Tate is quite enjoying his new role as the big brother while Connor is away at school. He takes great care of his brother Gage and has really become a very pleasant boy. Tate enjoyed our family’s spring trip to Disneyland and is counting the days until he can go to the Jedi training academy like his big brother Connor. He is fascinated by all things Christmas this year and is found nearly every morning curled up under the tree with his blanket staring in awe at the Christmas lights.

Connor started kindergarten this year at Daybreak elementary and is thriving in his new environment. He is doing quite well learning every day and loves to tease his teacher, Mr. Plott about being a University of Utah fan. He gets along well with all his classmates and loves learning. At home he loves to tell his younger brother how much he knows. Kara and I have officially been replaced by his kindergarten teacher as the ultimate authority on any question he might have.

Kara has been really busy getting everything settled in the new house and has been a very good sport with all the traveling I’ve done this year. She misses her family and her store something fierce but has been very supportive of this move. She finds time to volunteer at Connor’s school on a weekly basis, do accounting and ordering for her store in Canada, and start a website selling vinyl lettering.

As a family we are really enjoying the many opportunities for entertainment, recreation, and proximity to so many friends and family that living in Utah provides. We have enjoyed hearing from so many of you this Christmas season and would love to get back in touch with so many others. Please call, send us an e-mail, or drop by for a visit.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best Wishes,

Ryan, Kara, Connor, Tate, and Gage McCoy

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Elena said...

What a great family. Can't wait to see you when we both have a chance.