Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boys, boys, boys!!!!

That about sums up my life right now! I am surrounded by boys all the time and was so excited at church today when an adorable little girl all dressed in pink wanted to sit with me through Sunday School, she was so cute, even when she tore three pages out of my scriptures, which my boys have never done!
But I love my boys, they keep me laughing all the time with the things they say and do. We celebrated Tate's 4th birthday this past week and he ate up all the attention. As I told him about the day he was born he very cleverly put a few things together and wanted to know exactly how babies get out of mom's tummies...... hmmmmm... how do you explain that to a four year old? But Connor rescued me with, "duh, Tate, mom's push them out their belly buttons." Whew, dodged the bullet there. I wonder when they will want the real answer, Connor is already asking for deoderant... do they make that for six year olds?
I guess I will eventually trade in the legos on the floor for smelly gym shorts in the laundry, but for now, I will take the legos, dirty faces and all the silly laughter caused from any and all body functions! I am grateful....tired, crazy and grateful.


T. Lopez said...

Kara! Your boys are too dang cute! I'm so glad you have a blog too! I just found out Karli did, now you too!
Fun times with boys huh? So the little pink dress got to you--are you gonna go for a girl? They are SOOO fun, I'll tell ya what! Good to see ya =)

Elena said...

We've got to get together!!! Thanks for your comment. Maybe next week? If I don't call you then you call me.

Karli said...

It's funny 'cause it's true! Seriously though, I think Connor could use the deodorant. Have you smelled that kid lately? Maybe that's from the aforementioned bodily functions. Hmmmmm, something to look into. LOL.