Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Break 1 - Lowry's & Streadbeck's

We spent Spring Break in the District, playing tourist and tour guide and we loved it. 
We had so many friends and family visit us over the past several weeks - we kicked it off with the Lowry's visiting from California and the Streadbeck's from Richmond, VA. 
It's always fun when old college friends get together!

 We took all of these kids on a tour of the Capitol - I think we might have set a record for the largest group of kids that was not a school! But they all did really well and even learned a thing or two. 
 We then took a little tour around some of the monuments - and were even able to get a group picture. 
 Connor and Tate are in training to eventually give a tour of the Capitol - they've done it about a dozen times!
 These two just tag along and go with the flow, snagging treats as they go. 

 Connor and Blake were two peas in a pod. I'm not sure who had more fun with who, especially as they texted back and forth poking fun at each other and sending hilarious emoticons. I'm glad they were both entertained!
 Maren was a great sport with Gage - who latched on to her and took full advantage of having someone new around to talk their ear off and steal all attention he possibly could - mission accomplished!
 I'm never in pictures - Ryan insisted on one of us together. 
 This clown makes us all laugh. 
 And this girl is a super ham for the camera!
And these two, ahhhh! Can I just say it does my heart good to see them together, happily married and blissfully with each other. So glad that they were able to come out and visit - if only it could be every weekend!


Jessica Hall said...

ok so A. I love seeing you in a picture!!! B. McCall is growing like a weed C. I LOVE seeing Blake and Maren together :) D. I miss you ALL!

Amber Faull said...

How fun for you to all hang out together. I'm jealous:)

Elena said...

JEALOUS!!!!! That looks like the bestest time. Glad you could hang. We need a Utah reunion.