Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hershey, Pennsylvania

We took a trip up to Hershey, Pennsylvania over President's Day weekend. We literally came home after church and decided to go. So we baked some cookies to eat on the way and quickly packed up an overnight bag and headed on our way. 

 We made it to the Hershey factory and it turned out that all the Canadians were there - they have good taste.

 The kids were all able to make their own chocolate bar, not many of them were edible afterwards, but they really enjoyed making them. They got to choose the base - milk, dark or white chocolate, add in some extra ingredients, design their own boxes and take their treat home. The activity was enjoyed by all.

We had a fun time in Hershey and on the way home we detoured through Lancaster County to catch a glimpse of the Amish and enjoy the sights of the country side. The hotel pool was enjoyed by all and sleeping in felt great. It was a great and relaxing weekend. 

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