Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{Megan & Chris}

This adorable girl ...
 really likes this cute boy ....
I have it on good authority that he loves her to.
 So we had a big party to make the two into one.
And we loved it.
And we love them.
A lot of love going around.
 There was also a lot of lipstick going around - mostly on McCall who kept sneaking into it.
 While the ladies primped and prepped, I ventured downstairs to find this.
The poor groom waiting for his big moment and chumming it up with 8 kids.
Welcome to the family!
 These two thought they would ham it up for the camera.
 These three girls were excited to have flowers and be wearing pink.
McCall ran out of petals shortly into the walk down the aisle.
She paused to ask for a "refill".
Unfortunately, there were no refills to be had.

What a beautiful day and a beautiful start to a beautiful life together.
Congratulations Megan and Chris!
We love you!

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Jessica Hall said...

What the heck? Everyone looks so big in these pictures especially the 3 boys in the last picture. Congrats Meg and Chris!