Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obsessions...a la Gage

This boy keeps us in stitches every single day. With Tate at school in the mornings I get quite a bit of time alone with this fella while his sister takes her naps. He is a boy of many obsessions - but none more than his aunt Jana, pestering his brothers and dressing up and pretending.
He begs each and every day to call Jana, fly up to Canada to see Jana, draw pictures of Jana, etc. Seriously, I am feeling a little bit of Jana overload (sorry Jana). Just yesterday I asked Gage,
"Who is your favorite mom?" answer - aunt Jana
"Who is your favorite dad?" answer - uncle Russell
"Who is your favorite brother?" answer - Bridger
"Who is your favorite sister?" answer - McCall (thank goodness the Jensen's don't have any girls!)
Today he told me he is not a McCoy, he is a Jensen. Where did we pick up this kid? Depending on the day I would agree, he is somewhat of a Jensen :)

Gage has also been enjoying doing whatever he can to get his brothers all riled up. Lately that has been cheering against BYU and for the Utes - now I really don't know where we got him from. But today I reminded him that Aunt Jana graduated from BYU and really loves BYU. He immediately said, "I love BYU! It is my favorite!" Then when he called aunt Jana he made sure to tell her how much he loves BYU. When I said that I thought he liked the Utes, he said, "not anymore, that was last week."

I think I can use this Jana obsession for my gain, I am going to get creative.
One more Gage obsession - dressing up. If it involves a cape he will wear it all day. Today he was dressed up as Nacho Libre, red underpants and all. He actually went to the park like this. I am sure people are thinking that I am the craziest mom, but I just didn't feel like fighting every battle today and since this wasn't hurting anyone I allowed him to go to the park like this. Little did I know that I would be seeing so many neighbors there today. Oh well, they are well acquainted with this little eccentric kid. We really love the little guy and his love and enthusiasm for life and entertaining people!


Sidney said...

It's always good to have one of those kids who keep everyone entertained! Thanks again for teaching the sewing night! Missed you on Saturday night.

Karli said...

And so the shoe is on the other foot! I seem to remember you thinking I was CRAZY for letting Walker go into town wearing his Nacho costume. Hmmmm, interesting. :)

Lia said...

Oh I wish I'd been at the park today!

Michelle said...

He is so cute! I love that little Gage! Thanks for sharing your stories. They always make me smile.

Russell said...

Well, can you blame the little blighter, I mean really, I wear capes and pretend to fly with him, and load him up on treats. I think that if you were to don a nacho outfit to the park with my little buddy, you might take back the favorite Mom position, I don't know, just a thought, and a bit of a dare.
Love Aunt Zana