Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Farm Living

The boys have been begging us to move back up to Canada. They think they have it all figured out. Connor has offered to work and pick sticks for Grandpa so he can make enough money to pay for us to live up there - nice gesture, but last I checked that is child labor. Tate just wants to move into a tent in someones back yard, hmmm, hope that's an insulated tent for those Canadian winters.
But Gage is the one who daily tries to fly up to Canada. He informed me yesterday that when he flies up to Canada he is going to grow cows. When asked how one grows cows, he answered very confidently - you just take grass, add some flour, then add some sugar, then pour milk on it because cows need milk, then up pops a cow. Interesting ... perhaps we need to have a few farm talks with the child. But he is pretty hard headed and refuses to believe my explanation of a mommy cow and a daddy cow.
Perhaps farm life is not for the boys, they seem to think that hay bales are for jumping, chickens are for catching and chasing, maybe more time is needed out on the farm.


Matt said...

Haha - I'm glad they have it all figured out!

Lia said...

I didn't wanna believe the mommy cow and the daddy cow story either!

Danielle said...

I know you all really miss Canada and it's a great place to live, but we're grateful you're here, for now.