Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I am going to have to get back into the swing of things for homework with Connor. His homework load has been multiplied by probably 25 in the ALPS program. Seriously, his spelling tests alone are insane, and he has to do 4 projects a week with his spelling words, the easiest being putting them in alphabetical order for the 25 words. Then he gets to choose whether he wants to make a crossword puzzle out of them, find their meanings in the dictionary and write them out, do a word search, write them out one letter at a time (i.e. spell s sp spe spel spell), along with about 10 other choices. It takes quite a bit of time, then add on his nightly reading, math sheets and we can't forget his vocab practice. The words on that are amazing - etymology, concentration, embody, lexicographic - those are the ones Ryan and I can remember. I think I will be going to purchase a dictionary today! Pretty sad when you can't do your 2nd grade child's homework!
He also has a book report coming up - he has to read the book (duh!), and plan out a marketing plan to get the kids in his class excited about reading it, then he gets to give an oral presentation and everything. I'm getting tired just thinking of it all - not to mention I have to read a book about Larry the vegetable so I will know what he is up to. Better get to it! But really, I am excited about this year for him, I can tell he is going to learn a lot and so will I!


Lauri said...

Oh, wow. I think he'd be tutoring ME. Good thing you're his mom, Kara. Exciting, Conner's brilliant.

Dana said...

Are you guys already in school?? What is ALPS??
Good luck to your boys this year! I'm sure they will have fun and many many adventures. I can't wait to hear about them.
And have fun with only TWO kids at home.

Karli said...

Well what a smartie pants! Good luck Conner, and even more importantly... Good luck Kara.

Kobe Family said...

I need to stop complaining about Erin's spelling lists! That's crazy! Don't you love being in 2nd grade again? Good luck!