Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The big send off...

Well, both boys went to school together today - the first day of many. They were both up before the alarm clocks, cooperatively got in the shower and dressed, ate all their breakfast and had a few minutes to spare. So I decided to give them the "mom lecture", I am sure you are all familiar with it, I received it many times growing up. I imagine I have tweaked it a bit from what I was told - the main point of my mothers lectures for school went something like this ... "don't do anything to embarrass me!"

I focused on remembering to keep the school/class rules and make sure to choose good friends. Really, that's probably just another way of saying "don't do anything to embarrass me!" So in the middle of my well planned lecture I asked Tate to tell me some of the school rules he remembered - these were his answers:
1. No bringing knives with blades or guns
2. No bringing drugs to school
3. Do not dance on the ice.
The last is particularly important as we are in the middle of the summer here in Utah. I hope he doesn't break that rule today!
I was hoping for the rules of the classroom, i.e. no bullying, raise your hand to talk, listen to the teacher the first time, etc. But at least he won't get arrested if he keeps the rules he can remember, or slip on the ice!
I hope he will be as excited when he gets home today as he was when he left this morning. He didn't even have time to say goodbye to his brother, he was too excited to join his class. Connor ran after him at the school to say goodbye and give him a hug, but Tate was beyond that already.
Gage on the other hand has enjoyed his "alone" time with mom and McCall. He has played quietly and nicely all day and has requested that we play pre-school. So I pulled out the alphabet cards, Memory, and writing materials. Apparently those are not pre-school things - he wants to play Dominoes and watch a movie. I'm afraid he may be disappointed when it is his turn to go to kindergarten. We'll have to work on that.
Time to head out, this 11:18 release time is going to really split up my day!

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Karli said...

I'm not surprised by Tate. He's a very independent little man!