Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, we decided to take spring into our own hands today. I am tired of waiting for spring, , not sure if it is really here or not, but we started without it. We had the boys outside today for several hours while we weeded, watered, cleaned up the lawn, etc. Amazingly, they actually contributed to the work load! They did a great job working together. It was a little scary when you got too close to them with their shovels though, they shovel pretty vigorously and get pretty close to people's heads as they do.
Their favorite part was planting our seeds, of course we just put them in a seed tray in the house to get ready for a few more weeks before planting outside. I will be amazed if any of them sprout and grow because many different seeds were put in the same containers, maybe we will be coming up with a new hybrid plant, we'll let you know how it works out.
To top it off, Ryan BBQ'd tonight and we enjoyed a great time today.


Elena said...

I'm jealous! We did soccer and baseball games all day today. Don't get me started on Spring.

Danielle said...

SOunds fun. And it has worked so far. : >